A professional cleaning in Steinhausen, Zug

Professional Tooth Cleaning Dental Practice Alan Kruger

reduce the risk of decay and give the teeth their natural white colour back again...

Even with regular and thorough cleaning at home, sometimes tooth discolouration and/or gum inflammation are unavoidable.

A professional cleaning at the dental hygienist can prevent this. All persistent plaque and discolouration is removed — especially from the tooth pockets and spaces between the teeth. These are the areas which are unreachable for a normal toothbrush — where food deposits and bacteria accumulate and result in gum inflammation and tooth cavities.

The instruments used are Ultrasonic Cleaners; Powder Spray Cleaners; Emory Paper Strips; Brushes and Dental Floss.

A thorough polishing to leave the teeth surfaces smooth prevents plaque and discolourations from reattaching to the teeth.

Thus a professional tooth cleaning reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum imflammation and gives the teeth their natural white colour back again.