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Gum Disease (Paradontitis) Dental Practice Alan Kruger

More than 80% of all adults suffer from gum problems...

More than 80% of all adults suffer from gum problems, e.g. bleeding and swollen gums. The cause is dental plaque around the necks of the teeth as well as in the spaces in between the teeth. Due to this inflammation the anchorage and stability of the teeth are reduced.

The jawbone reduces in size and the teeth become loose and can fall out by themselves. This is a disease called paradontitis.

Paradontitis sets in unknowingly without any pain. When the patient discovers it, it may be too late. The signs are bleeding and swollen gums with a bad taste in the mouth. Once these signs appear, treatment at the dentist is necessary to avoid potential tooth loss.

Paradontitis carries other risks with it. The bacteria in the gums may spread to the heart, brain, unborn child, or even lead to diabetes.

The treatment of paradontitis involves the cleaning out of bacterial gum pockets and removal of dental plaque between the teeth.

The most important factor in eliminating the disease is the intensive cooperation of the patient i.e. only with regular and thorough oral hygiene can a renewed bacterial invasion be prevented. The regular follow up check ups and professional cleanings in the dental practice are also essential. Smoking increases the risk of paradontitis 4 to 6 fold, and thus should also be considered in the consequent treatment of the disease.