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Dentures, Implants, Crowns & Bridges

There are many different types of constructions and procedures to replace missing teeth and return the radiance of your smile...

The most common ways to replace missing teeth are through the use of dentures, tooth Implants, as well as crowns & bridges.


Dentures are a removable apparatus to replace missing teeth. Dentures may be partial or full. Partial Dentures are made from a stainless steel base with metal clasps which anchor onto healthy remaining teeth.


Tooth Implants

Using tooth implants is it possible to replace missing teeth so perfectly that they look and function just like in nature.

When single teeth are missing (due to an accident or extraction), an implant ( artificial "root" ) is placed in the jaw. This implant serves as an anchor for a new tooth crown. Implants are made of Titanium and are perfectly accepted and integrated into the surrounding jawbone. The big advantage is that adjacent teeth remain intact and are not required to be included into a bridge construction.


Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are fixed onto natural teeth or screwed onto implants. The crowns and bridges are made of pure porcelain or a bonding of porcelain to a precious metal alloy.

Crowns and bridges serve as a long term solution to badly damaged teeth, or teeth with large existing fillings. Due to tooth loss, gaps occur in the tooth arch. These gaps can be harmoniously closed with adjoining crowns which make up a so called bridge.