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Mouthguards for Sport & Sleep Dental Practice Alan Kruger

Prevention is better than care...

"Prevention is better than care", as the saying goes. An individually fitted Mouthguard or Gumguard is recommended for contact sports and are used to protect the teeth during contact sports. In some sports, it's compulsory to wear one.

These guards are made from a resilient elastic compound by our Dental Technician. We take an impression of the patient's teeth in dental alginate material to create a best-fit mouthguard. The resulting impression is sent to a dental lab that makes a mouthguard from the impression. A special machine using several laminate layers fabricates a mouthguard offering superior fit, comfort and more protection than other types of mouthguards on the market.

Nighttime grinding splints or night guards

A nightguard generally covers all the teeth of the upper jaw, with a flat surface against the teeth of the lower jaw. This stabilises the jaw joint to prevent joint and muscle pain, nighttime clenching, grinding, and excessive wear of the teeth.

We take an impression of the patient's teeth in dental alginate material. This is sent to a dental lab which uses a special process to fabricate a heat-cured nightguard with a precise fit and resulting patient comfort.