Dental Bleaching in Steinhausen, Zug

Dental Power Bleaching Dental Practice Alan Kruger

restore your radiant, white smile with a power bleaching...

Doesn't everyone wish for a radiant white smile? Coffee, tobacco, tea and red wine all gradually discolour the teeth until there's nothing left of a once radiant white smile.

With simple toothbrushing this discolouration cannot be removed, but a professional tooth cleaning by our dental hygienist can help to improve the appearance.

Should the discolouration be too strong, then a bleaching is the answer to the problem.

We offer an office-bleaching ("Power Bleaching") in the practice or a home-bleaching to do at home by yourself.

During an office-bleaching, your gums are covered by a protective jelly and your teeth receive a coating of bleaching paste. A special lamp then shines onto the teeth to whiten them. The office-bleaching takes about 75 minutes in the practice.

By a home-bleaching, an individual fitting gum guard is made up for you. At home, in your own time and leisure, you place diluted bleaching paste into the gum guard which then gets worn for a half hour to an hour daily for about 1 to 2 Weeks.